Biography of Angelsea Urban


Angelsea is an entrepreneur and photographer helping others use their creative gifts to nourish their homes and cultivate their businesses through practical stewardship. As a consultant, Angelsea has elevated the careers of restaurateurs, photographers, musicians and general small business owners by planting firm foundations and building clear action plans for long-term success. She serves in several ministries both locally and nationally, with a concentration on family missions. Her unique photography work focuses on Redefining the Family Portrait Experience by creating a space to strengthen family bonds. She has photographed for Bravo TV, NFL Films, and local families and has been published in magazine print and blogs for her work in photography and in strategic business management practices. Angelsea also teaches both subjects in various conferences and workshops across the country and resides with her husband of 19 years and their two children near Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

As seen in Bravo TV, NFL Films, Chic Magazine, D+G Magazine, and more...