Meet Angelsea


There is a grace filled heart at the very core of me. It's big. And it’s bulging. And it whispers steadily with every beat: love harder. Love harder today.”

It sweeps into everything I do, every role I carry - wife, mother, woman, friend, and follower of Christ. I am first a servant, who has learned to set her eyes on capturing something real.

My heart rests in the presence of joy.

Pushing into the portraits of life when it's most unbound and fragile, and precious to us.The moments when life seems to stop and we breathe in something deeper. Those moments when nothing else in the world seems to matter so much as the presence of one another - that we’re here. And we’ve been given this day.

Life is precious. Every story matters. And we often forget how rich we truly are.

Life is not about perfection. It's finding a balance of authenticity and joy, and getting grace stuck in the grooves.

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