Story of Family Experience


My heart is to help nourish families in their relationships with each other. Those who value quality time with the ones you love above all. Who desire to place an emphasis on living in the moment with purpose and intention. To tell those you love how you feel, what they mean to you, and how proud you are of them. Spouses, children, siblings, and parents will leave this session with these memories as we foster the environment for these stories to be told, through specific activities that prepare your heart and not just your hair. All necessary items are included, such as a letter writing kit, instructions, journal and more. Imagine her face when she reads your letter telling her how proud you are of her. Better yet, give her the portrait of the two of you from that moment that she can keep forever. The portrait, and the letter will be preserved in the Handmade Wood Heirloom box gifted to you, and is just a glimpse of the optional Story of Family Experience. I invite you to give your Commissioned Fine Art Family Portrait experience the gravity and meaning it deserves.

Or, we can just take a quick family pic for facebook and it will still be pretty. Your choice. ;-)


The Story of Family