fine portrait photography rooted in family

fine portrait photography rooted in family


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3 Business Tips for 2018


January 9, 2018



3 Tips to start your business on the right track in 2018.


1. Stop listening to all the advice on the internet. The more you input you consume the more data you have to filter through. Pick 5 business influences you want to learn from. Be sure they are diverse and touch on each of the areas you are working on this year. Then allow yourself to listen to those 5. None others. Too much information is not a good thing and often paralyzes people instead of propelling them. Pick 5 – use that as a noise filter.


2. Stop writing massive to do lists. They do nothing but overwhelm you instead of helping you feel like you are rocking this business. Instead, pick 3 areas or projects that need to be addressed this year. Maybe you want to redo your website this year, or overhaul your branding, or even hire and train new staff. These are massive objectives that will require a lot of your attention. Don’t list “Redo Website” on your to-do list and stare at it for the year. Instead create a micro-list for your Website Project. And another micro-list for your Staff Project. Breaking these down into monthly goals will help you feel like you are actually making progress.


3. Set yourself up for a win each and every week. Many studies show that celebrating small victories helps us psychologically stay focused and motivated for the long haul. Set yourself up for a small victory each week by focusing on just one thing that you know without a doubt will be accomplished. Maybe it’s clean of your desk this week or go home early on Friday. Focusing on a positive win, and then seeing that outcome will help propel you for the next week feeling like a winner.


As your days turn into months, and your months complete the year, by remembering these 3 tips you can be confident about the intentional focus applied in these easy steps that you’ll be able to sustain the momentum in the years to come.

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